Proper Use of Colors in an Educational Web Design

educational web designsonia sedighi

In order to attract more users to our educational web design and increase the site traffic, we have to use standard colors. In general, colors have a great psychological effect on users’ decision for staying in or leaving a website. People’s age is a factor which influences colors. Therefore, based on the type of work […]

Needs Assessment in an Educational Web Design

educational web designsonia sedighi

Education is the first priority in every community and educational web design is one of the current necessities. Today, the need for different educational web designs is more tangible due to development of societies and advancement of all sectors and organs toward technology and utilization of its advantages for better communication with applicants. Computer science […]

Educational Web Design and Necessary Sections in Online Education

educational web designsonia sedighi

As stated in the previous section, educational web design is presently one of the most popular websites for students, scholars and professors. If you have some scientific knowledge or expertise in arts and you intend to present it in online classes, you can use an educational web design. One of the advantages of this type […]

Educational Web Design and LMS

educational web designsonia sedighi

Nowadays, most of educational activities are performed by educational web design in different communities due to technological developments. Educational websites have become popular among different web designs since they lay the ground for learning for various classes of the society without passing distances. Training via educational websites is not limited to university and school lessons, […]

Attraction of Educational Web Design by Special Pages

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There are many factors for making the educational web design more attractive. Using pictures, attractive texts and colors which are relevant with the objective of web design could make the educational web design more attractive. Another factor which leads to an attractive website is building special pages. You may ask what you mean by special […]

Educational Web Design and Educational Evolutions

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Electronic teaching means using educational websites for learning. Today, educational web design has a significant role in the educational evolution of countries. Presently, researchers and professors facilitate the possibility of learning and acquiring various sciences all over the world though comprehensive educational web design. One of the recent teachings created by designing an educational website was […]

Attraction of an Educational Web Design

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Observing some key points in an educational web design could increase your site attraction in user’s view. According to the experiences, the websites which had these features were the most successful ones in the educational web design. Brilliant Features of an Educational Web Design Most of the users who visit an educational website are the […]