Suitable Sites for Sharing Guest Posts after a Web Design

web designsonia sedighi

In the previous sections, guest posts and their importance in a web design were already described. In this section, we examine the necessary features of a website or weblog in which we are going to share our contents as a guest post so that the posts could help increase our site visitors. After designing a […]

Shopping Web Design and Loading Speed Adjustment

shopping web designhaleh jaafari-nezhad

One of the important factors for gaining users’ attention in a shopping web design is site loading speed. Users do not tend to wait for opening different contents and sections when entering a website. As soon as they encounter such website, they immediately leave it and prefer to use the content of other websites. This […]

Shopping Web Design and Improving Optimization by Yoast Plugin

shopping web designmelika jazireh

After a shopping web design, the most important purpose of web managers is to optimize their website and increase SEO. In a shopping web design, two concepts of SEO and advertisement have a special effect on introducing your shopping website to people and they could intensify the site traffic. However, advertisement is a temporary issue […]

Professional Web Design, NEX Forms Plugin and Building a Job Application Form

web designmaryam zareh

One of the most useful plugins for a professional web design is form builder plugin. Forms might be used in a professional web design due to a variety of reasons. One of the usages of form builders in a professional web design is building job application forms in different websites. In designing a professional website, […]

Professional Web Design and All about IND Pricing Table

web designsonia sedighi

In various professional web designs, the designer might require creating tables in some sections. In order to create tables in a professional web design, there is a variety of plugins which could be used by the designer based on his/her needs. In this section, one of the popular plugins for creating tables in a professional […]

SEO and Realistic Solutions for Success

web designmelika jazireh

In a web design, the design is effective when SEO standards are observed. Most of managers aim to increase the SEO after the web design so that their website could be one of the top Google suggestions. In order to change this expectation into the reality, the managers have to observe this issue realistically and […]

Picture Adjustment in a Shopping Web Design by WP Smush Powerful Plugin

shopping web designnazanin golian

In the previous section, the different powerful and suitable plugins for picture adjustment were introduced. In this section, the abilities of WP Smush in a shopping web design will be examined. As you know, pictures are really important in a shopping web design. If many special facilities are used in designing a shopping website and the […]

Introduction of Useful Plugins for the Comment Section of a Professional Web Design

web designhaleh jaafari-nezhad

One of the practical and important sections of a professional web design is the comments section. In this section, the users could give their opinions about different contents of the website. If the users make comment in the professional web design, they can help improve the web content procedure. However, the main current problems are […]

Functions of Aksimet Powerful Plugin in a Petroleum Web Design

petroleum web designsonia sedighi

One of the most bothersome comments in a petroleum web design are spam comments which automatically penetrate comment section through robots and spammers and result in an unpleasant appearance for the petroleum web design. In addition, spam comments occupy a large space of our website for no reason. Many plugins are designed in order to […]

Educational Web Design and Educational Evolutions

educational web designnazanin golian

Electronic teaching means using educational websites for learning. Today, educational web design has a significant role in the educational evolution of countries. Presently, researchers and professors facilitate the possibility of learning and acquiring various sciences all over the world though comprehensive educational web design. One of the recent teachings created by designing an educational website was […]